MTS 810 Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Hosted by the University at Buffalo Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), this machine is rated at 55 kips axial force over a displacement range of +/- 2.5 inches. The associated MTS Flex-Test controller and host computer provide for a wide variety of loading functions and data capture options. The machine is located in 618 Furnas Hall and is maintained on a regular basis by technical staff of the MAE department and by MTS field service engineers.

Contact Information:

For further information, and for inquiries regarding commercial or research testing services, please contact:

Prof. Robert Wetherhold
Voice: (716)645- 2593 x2241

Mark Lukowski (Laboratory Equipment Designer)
Voice: (716)645-2593 x2248

Machine Clearances:

  • 25 in Maximum space between the columns (ID to ID)
  • 50 in Maximum height between base of load cell and top of actuator (load cell is on movable cross-member)
  • 48 in Maximum Width of project to clear obstacles leading to the machine

Force and Displacement Ranges:

  • Load cells:
    • 220 lbf with 1/2 in x 20 TPI threaded male connector end
    • 50,000 lbf with internal 2 in x 12 TPI thread
  • Displacement:
    • 2.5 in; internal thread 2 in x 12 TPI

Grips and Fixtures:

  • Hydraulic wedge-action grips for axial loading, MTS #647.02, rated 5,500 lbf dynamic or 7,000 lbf static force with maximum pressure of 3,000 psi, temperature range (-40, 250) F; for flat specimens, maximum thickness 0.3 in x 1 in wide x 1.5 in long
  • Fracture mechanics Clevis grips MTS #640.20B-X5; specimen width 2.0 in, pin diameter 1 in, rated 50,000 lbf, temperature rating (-200, 350) F, mounting thread 1-1/2 in x 12
  • Compression platens MTS #643.30A, 12 in maximum diameter, thread size 2 in x 12 TPI, temperature range (-200, 350) F
  • Mechanical wedge-action grips Griff-grips #545-7, jaw width 1 in, length 2 in, maximum specimen thickness 7/16 in

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