UB-NEES Hosts NEES Board of Directors

On Thursday August 14th, the UB-NEES site hosted a visit for the NEES Board of Directors who are holding their quarterly board meeting in Buffalo, N.Y. on August 15, 2008. The following eight Board Members attended the visit: Roberto Leon, John Bobbitt, Shirley Dyke, JoAnn Browning, Jim Myers, Julio Ramirez, Jim Ricles and Ken Stoke. Also in attendance were Dr. Joy Pauschke, NSFs-NEES Program Director and Dr. Steve McCabe, CEO of NEESInc. Following welcoming remarks by UBs Dean of Engineering, Dr. Harvey Stenger, and SEESL Director, Dr. Andre Filiatrault, the guests were provided a tour of the UB-NEES facility and observed a shake table test of the Georgia Tech 1/20th scale crane Ports project test specimen. Professor Sabanayagam Thevanayagam gave a brief presentation on the re-design and schedule for the reconstruction of the Geotechnical Laminar Box equipment system. A dinner followed.

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