Shake and Quake

UB-NEES/MCEER outreach activity

Third grade class

On Monday, February 14th, 2005 in a joint outreach initiative hosted by UB-NEES and MCEER, third graders from the Sheridan Hill Elementary School located in Clarence, New York were assigned a class project requiring them to build structures using only the following materials: 100 popsicle sticks, a container of Elmer's glue, a roll of dental floss and a masonry brick. Following a basic tutorial on earthquakes and structures, the class was divided into five "construction" teams tasked with constructing their earthquake resistant structures using only these materials.

Each Structure was required to support the weight of the masonry brick at a height of 12" above a wood base. This project was conducted under the tutorship and supervision of MCEER deputy director Professor Andre Filiatrault. Following presentations made by each of the teams, explaining their construction approach, the structures were then tested on a UB-shake table, in Ketter Hall. The structures were subjected to several simulated earthquakes including El Centro, Kobe, Northridge and the "UB-Rumble". The last structure standing was declared the "winner". All of the students were finally presented with certificates of achievement naming them "Honorary Structural Engineers".

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