High Voltage Disconnect Switches

Seismic Qualification of Disconnect Switches

View of Disconnect switch structure

Scope of Research

  • To qualify standard 230 kV Disconnect Switches with various porcelain insulators to Moderate and High Performance Seismic Level (based on IEEE 693 protocol)
  • Characterize and model porcelain and switch
  • Develop methodology that would allow replacement of various porcelain posts without re-testing the entire switch
  • Recommend modifying IEEE 693 standard based on test design and testing procedures

2005 Testing

Test series held during the month of April, 2005.

2006 Testing

Testing on the weeks of March 13-17, 2006 and March 27-31, 2006.

Additionl Material


The study is sponsored by MCEER (Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research), by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) and by EUC (Electrical Utility Consortium).

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